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What we do and how we do it!!

Call Management and Remote Support
We feature a state of the art call center to receive your call for service. Trained technicians to provide remote support to assist in immediate solutions. Or, if need be, handle the dispatch of highly skilled technicians to the site to work with our senior staff on ensuring a quick resolution to your I.T. Emergency.

AMG Onsite Techician

Tier 2 Support- On-Site Technician
After your call is received, intial assessment is made for possible causes. Then your report is placed in the que. An  AMG I.T. Professional may be sent to your location to work with Tier 2 support to resolve the issue. Every call is handled as rapidly as possible, and updates and consultation of the Client is our highest priority. You will know what is being done every step of the way.

Rapid Shipping

Parts ready to ship
We warehouse new and factory refurbished PC's and parts to quickly get your business back up and running. We also partner with large PC manufactures to provide new business components and new deployment planning. We can configure and ship so that it's as simple as plug and play.