I.T. Support

AMG I.T. Support

I.T. Support and Planning
Full range of I.T. support services, from infrastructure planning to monitoring and maintenance. We do it all, from the mouse sticking, to the printer jamming, from your monitor going blank to your network going down. Even better, we can help you monitor your network and take preventative measures to keep it running smoothly. We can plan for new systems or just get you through the tough times with the assurance that you will be pleased with the outcome. We are with you each step of the way.



Telecomm Services

Hand in hand with I.T Support, our company provides Telecommunications support for your business. From dropped calls, upgrades or adding extensions, we can ensure seamless and efficient repair and/or deployment of  systems.


I.T. Outsource

We handle your I.T. for you

Instead of hiring people to permanently manage your IT functions, you can simply hire AMG to do the job for you. We offer everything that you need, to tailor our services according to your requirements. Most, services being offered include networking evaluation, installation and support, Telecomm installation and support, Printer installation and support, and computer maintenance and IT general Remote and Site support.


We Offer a Full Range of Services!

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From the moment your contact AMG, we generate a system model to be used for reference and diagnostics. We can then pin point the issue with efficiency to save you time.

Remote Monitoring

As one of our contracted clients we provide real-time monitoring to catch errors and system warnings in order to avert a system or network shut down. We then take preemptive action to ensure your business is never in danger.

Tiered Support Network

From the moment you call our dispatch center, your call is placed on a virtual convayor belt. During which, highly skilled technicians review and troublehsoot your particular issue and work remotely, or with an AMG on-site tech to bring your network, computers, POS, VIOP phones, printers, or network infrastructure components back online.

Creative Direction

At AMG we embrace thinking out of the box. Each business has specific needs, no one I.T. Model can be carbon copied. We work with the business and ownership to bring your company exactly what it needs.

Development & Deployment 

AMG's Project Team, analyzes and plans with your business and vendors to provide the best platform, hardware and software solutions for new installs and upgrades.

Parts Management

As a Contracted Client we provide warehousing of all parts needed for repair of any device listed in your service contract with AMG. Not only that, we also provide rapid shipping services to aid in faster on-site repair.